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-Print My Digital file - 12x12 Custom

Do you have digital scrapbooking pages that you want printed to put in your album?
Or maybe a photo that you would like printed to use as a background for your next scrapbooking project?

We print 12" x 12" paper all day long. Let us print yours for you!

Easy Steps to Order:

  1. Enter the name of your .jpg, .pdf or .png file.
  2. Add any Item Notes (special instructions) you may need to.
  3. Enter a contact phone number or email in case there are problems, or we have clarification questions.
    (This should be how we can quickly communicate with you.)
  4. Email us your image file at
    Before you send your image, please crop it to a 12.25" x 12.25" square to allow for the image to be trimmed down to 12" x 12" after we print it. (See example image)
    Idealy images should be 300 pixels per inch (DPI) or 3675 pixels for 12.25 inches. In order to be sure the print looks clear, the image resolution can be as low as 150 DPI, or 1837 pixels for 12.25. Please be sure images are large enough to allow for quality printing.


WARNING - All artwork sent to Scrapbook Customs, Inc. must not have copyrights or trademarks. Many schools copyright their logos and sometimes even their fonts. Please research your items before sending them to our company. You will be held responsible if such items are sent to our company.

SKU: 25408
UPC: 646619254085

Please enter the name of the file you are emailing to us.:

Item Notes (Special Instructions):

Contact Information: Phone number or email:

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